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My afternoon
Right, so, went out.... Which was fun. We went to a model village near here, with all lots of model trains running around it. Trust me, it's great fun, it actually is :o)

So anyway, you get the general idea...

Anyhow, in addition to that, of course, I met Becca's boyfriend. This being Mark #4, although she calls this one "Merk", so clearly it's not like she has a Mark fixation or anything... Anyhow, he's a vast improvement on the other one I knew, so that's good :o)

Along with the trains, there's also boats and stuff but they don't move around or anything:

And there's some really nice scenery things there too:

And finally, a picture of Becca, just for fun:

Right, that's all for now....

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did you walk over any little guys? ;)

You do know one of the bonuses of JPEGs is the fact they can be compressed with little or no picture quality difference? Just checking...

I went to the Model Village about 10 years ago. It r00ls.

I know, I accidentally saved them all on maximum quality for no apparent reason....

I used to go there lots as a little kid, but not so much lately...

That is a hideous photo!!!! and mark is a common...sorry 'popular' name, none of the children I am not going to have are going to be called mark, James on the other hand.....i had fun too, :-)

You think that is hideous? Okay, I took four pictures of you, and that was the best one, so.... If you'd like me to put the others on my journal, I can... :o)

And popular name or not, the fact that you've only been with four guys and they've all been called Mark is slightly worrying, when there are many girls who've not had any Marks. Clearly, you have a Mark fixation.

And as for those kids you're not having - I hope you don't call them James - I know how you (mis)treat James's.... :o)


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