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Had a really good night.... To be perfectly frank, putting modesty aside, we really are funny guys. I mean, that's how you get into my idiot army - by being funny. So when Siggy, Kit and I all got together, it was very amusing. My sister commented afterwards about how funny we all were, so that's a good start...

Things of note - McDonalds hate us and don't want our patronage clearly, but that's fine. We can get our milkshakes elsewhere. Also, I can't spot turnings in the road, like, ever, and I give lousy directions. And finally, two Bacon Double Cheeseburgers for £2 is a damned good value meal type thing. That is all.

So now I've met Chas, Alex, Dave, Adam, Siggy and Kit. Hopefully seeing Brian at Christmas.... Making good progress there, really :o)

Anyway, I'm feeling rather exhausted after all that, it takes a lot out of you. So I think I'll be on my way off to bed... Goodnight all.


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