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Well here we are
Back from out little night out, and with pictures...

First in our gallery, we have Kit. In case you didn't catch that, here it is again...

First in our gallery, we have Kit. Yes, he was out of his house. With us. Which was good :o)

Also present was Siggy, which was certainly novel - the first time any of us had met him, but we all seemed to get along well...

Here we all are in the pub, having a good time - Siggy, Andy, Kit and myself. The picture was kindly taken by my sister who didn't want to go anywhere near the front end of the camera. Oh well... And finally:

Are we cool or what? :o)

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oh yeah. totally stylin'

what's wrong with the kid that won't do the pose?

It's Andy... He thinks himself too normal or something, I dunno... It's shocking, it really is. The rest of us felt so uncool with him around when we were doing our pose... :o)

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My t-shirt has a picture of Bart looking angry, with the caption "I have issues"

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