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New Userpics?
Anybody think I should use any of these pictures as new userpics? This is, of course, mostly directed at just one person, but I thought I'd share the vanity, or whatever it is...

Right, that being done, back to reading and stuff :o)

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Hmm... I kind of like the middle one, but you look cute in all so it's a win-win situation. :-)

I like the middle one too, just because I can see my ear ring in it...

(Deleted comment)
Back off buddy, don't make me tell Jen what sort of text messages you've been sending ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Ha, I can't tell you how funny it is that you think you're safe ;o)

id make a comment, but youd just think im coming onto you again.

so im not gonna say owt

Good grief, you're a bit paranoid, eh....

yep, paranoid steve is what i should start calling myself..

I prefer the white-out pictures where you can't see who it is ;-)

Do you wanna die? Because I'm the mood for making that happen right now....

middle one. definitly the middle one. but thats just my opinion yada yada yada....

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