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Oh, and...
... my ear ring is now gold. Because I sorta swapped it for one that wasn't going to react with my skin. It was actually really easy to put in - it was getting the back off the other one that was f'ing impossible... But I managed it in the end...

Anyway, earlier on, I found my little personal organiser thing that I used to have when I was little. I kept a diary in it for a while, but the pages from that are under my bed somewhere, because I hid them at age 15 to stop anybody finding out what I wrote - not the best hiding place, you might think, but you've not seen the amount of junk under my bed... Anyway, what is still in there is the diary I kept while I was in Derbyshire on a class trip when I was eleven. Here's how it goes, word for word, same punctuation and spelling (note how I only learn how to use capital letters on Tuesday, only to forget it later):
Monday day 1
when i first saw the farm i thought that it was going to be very boring, until i saw the inside it looked like a boring place to stay. once inside it looked very modern. i think it will be fun and i'm looking forward to wednesday. it looks like it will be loads of fun.

Tuesday day 2
We did a walk along one of the most beautiful areas of Dovedale. At one point we just stopped and listened to all the noises. Dovedale is the second most peaceful place I know. I think it is really tranquill. we walked nearly 4 miles and saw lots of beautiful wildlife including moorhens and coots. we saw the lions head rock and Dove holes. We started in milldale and walked alongside the river dove.

Wednesday day 3
today we went to teggs nose to do rock climing, absailing and orientering. On the coach I didn't want to do the abseiling but when I saw the rockface I changed my mind. Just before I did it I remembered that I had a fear of hights and didn't want to do it. when it begun I was alright but still not 100% happy about it. When I got to the bottom I said I would never do it again, I lied, I did it 1 more time.
At Tegg's Nose we did rock climbing and at first I was rather scared. I tried not to look down, because 20-40ft is Very high if you have a fear of hights. We had to climb 40 (of the 50) feet rock face to touch a Carabina clip. Once we touched the clip we had to walk backwards to the ground (horizontal) with our hands on our heads for 10 ft and then use them for balance. I think I now know what its like to be the easter bunny because we could bounce back down.
We also did Orienteering. It was great fun running around like headless chickens in a farmyard, running aimlessly. We stumbled on lots of poles but most of them looked like fence posts and we went past them. We had 1 hours and 5 minutes to find 26 posts of which we found 11. There were 3 rounds and I was in the 2nd round, we came joint 5th (there were 6 teams) but we beat the 2nd place team from round 1 by 1 point.

The dorms were great and our dorm won a prize for being the cleanest. We were in a dorm with space for 10 people though we had 8 in ours. Sometimes the girls in the dorm above us jumped on the floor in the mornings. The girls came Granny knocking and so we devised a sceme to get them. It worked but only because we worked as a team. The secret to a good dorm is working together and co-operating. The people in our dorm were: James .T., Adam .J., Daniel .S., me, Craig .H., Matthew .T., Ashley .D. + Allan .E..

Here is a secret diary I kept of night activities.
Trow was making lots of noice. Got to sleep post pm.

All quiet, dorm 8 first to settle. Asleep by 11

Tommy invents NNW joke. Adam nearly dies of laughter. Asleep post pm.

have midnight pigout, Tommy's joke no longer works. Asleep pre 11, wake 1:30 back asleep pre 2:15
Bah... I look back and think I must've been so dumb, but then I remember how everybody around me was, and am reassured by the fact that when put into the context I lived in, I was a genius ;o)

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I went there y'know when I was ten or eleven on a school field trip. Very very nice place and very hilly. I also recall doing what was known as 'The Dovedale Walk' which was basically walking 18 miles in one day.

Still great place. I'd like to go back there one day.

It is nice, isn't it.... I've been meaning to "go back there one day" for ages, but I somehow doubt I'll manage it for quite some time yet :o)

Mallen can drive us... Oh no wait. No he can't. He's got to sell 'Spud' because he is so much in debt. Opps. :)

Not to mention the fact that he'll never be able to afford petrol again ;o)

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