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Today's stuff
Hmm... slow today. Did some work for Victor on the 8500s. This involved using the controller software his son made, which I must say was bloody excellent. Basically, the core program was done properly, and then pretty much all of the rest was done using .ini files. It basically meant I could set the software up to monitor anything on any of the instruments if I wanted. 'twas really good, but I've got a few questions on how it identifies the instument, which I'd need to have answered before I can pinch the software and use it on the 8000... Also, I want to suggest to him that he encrypts the advanced user password in the .ini file, so that any old guy can't just walk in and use the extra features...

Just had a weird thought. In just three weeks from today, I'll be living in Brighton. With people. Strangers, if you will. I guess my dream last night really made me realise.... That's going to be so weird - I've never cohabited (in the sense of living with other people, rather than in the 'couples' way) with anybody except my family, and that hardly counts. It will be weird. But hopefully, a lot of fun too.

Ooh, phoned Oscar earlier. I got bored, and I had nothing better to do than make international calls on my mobile. But it was good fun, we spoke for about 20 seconds, then I left in order to preserve what little credit I have left on that thing... Ho hum... More later, perhaps...


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