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After the epic failure of my last attempt, here's another one... I like this one more...

Anyway, I'm off to lie in front of the tumble drier for a while... Don't ask. I may be back, I may fall asleep there all night, or I may just go to bed after a while of it. I dunno.

Hey, you, SMS me later if you get the chance or something. I miss you :o)

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I like it... what program did you use?

I think to get the best sort of effect from that (assuming a similar effect to my black and white world image is what you want, only in colour or something) try seperating the image via alpha channels, or cloneing the layers, modifying one and removing certain colours from another.

That's what I did. Well, kinda... I grayscaled bits, changed RGB values on others, done over several layers...

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