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My phone
It's okay, you don't have to all tell me how cool I am, I already know:

That's how cool.

Update: And, because I enjoy being nasty, I've recorded a new answerphone message... It goes something like
"Uh oh, looks like I'm screening my calls again. At the tone, tell me why it is that you think I'm ignoring you"
Ho hum :o)

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y00 k00l d00d, phe4r mé

Nice message, I would have said something after the beep but I cant come up with anything witty at this time of the night

[Typical Chas Response]
Superfluous "at this time of night" detected.

I have that same phone. how do you do something so cool. you are a god.

I just got it off the 'net...

ah you beat me to it so to speak, was intending on doing something like that, still am. I assume you made the image, stuck it on D&J and saved it via wap yes? unless there's an easier way I'm just not aware of yet :o)

Actually no, I just found it on Genie's site and ordered it... I haven't made any wap images because I haven't got any software to do that. But I want to - I wanna convert some images of mine to wap for my phone. Like my userpic or something :o)

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