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Good evening ladies and idiots. Oh, and gentlemen. Them too... Now, finally, my little rant about sexuality. I keep meaning to do this, and then bottling out because people from school read my journal. But now I don't care. So basically, it's this. I go after women. Not in a chasing with an axe way, just in a pursuing with a view to more than just friendship. This is the highly brief and simple explanation. The marginally longer yet still incomplete explanation is that I also like guys. Yes, in that way. Just not to the same extent. So really, you need the full explanation, which is this......

OK, starting off, I must again reiterate that I actively pursue girls only. I dunno why I keep stating this, but with some people, I found I had to, or else the immediate assumption was that I was gay and just hiding it. Which is not so. I am vastly more attracted to girls than I am to guys. However, this isn't to say I'm not attracted to guys - I am. Just a lot fewer of them (and I mean a lot fewer). So anyway, examples, just because it helps peoples' understanding... OK, so there's this one guy, who I heard talked about in year 9 (and no I won't say his name - people in 'real life' who read this journal know him, and I'd hate to lose a (perhaps dysfunctional) friendship). Anyhow, I'd heard people talk about him in year 9, and when I met him in year 10, I thought "Bloody hell, he's damned cute". Which was, probably the first time I actually thought that about somebody consciously. I can see several examples where previously I'd thought that of people, but it always surfaced as something else (like admiration or something silly). Now with girls it's simple - they're all female, and thus I almost always find myself at least a little attracted to them. With guys, on the other hand, it's a case of generally just seeing them as most guys see guys, but for a few about whom I think "Wow, I gotta get me some of that". That is all.... Further clarrification can be given if anybody actually needs it. Now people have no excuse for not knowing what's going on :o)

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The way you reflects the way many people feel. Do, love, pursue, admire whoever makes you happy and dont let peoples idiocy bother you - if they dont understand thats their problem.

you know

Stick to the ladies, mate. Don't listen to the liberal faction.


Thanks Phil, but I am the liberal faction, so..... :o)

It's a wonder you haven't had group sex or something by now...

You are what you are and that is that!
if people can't accept that fook em!
You're the number 1 in this world noone else remember that!

As my friend said in his journal tonight Dave which makes ALOT of sense.

"Friends are a rare commodity, both to find and also to keep.

But a real friend is the kind that stands by you regardless of anything negative that may have happened between you in the past.

It's all too easy to simply blank a so-called friend because of something they did to you, or even something you did to them. But if after all that, you still have that friend standing by you, or even wanting you to stand by them, then that friend will want to stand alongside you for the rest of your life.

It is rare, but its value is totally beyond measure.

I may not have much money, but if you add the very small number of friends that I do have, then I am the richest man in the entire world. To those people, I give my love. "

Keep smiling :))))


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