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Hmm, let's see...
I have met the following from my idiot army:
TMA, Chas, Kit, Adam, Dave

Additionally, I have spoken to the following Adjective Assholes on the phone:
Dirk, Ozjish, Siggy, Zagadka

I'm a very people person - I like to communicate with my little idiot army :o)

By the way - I no longer have a face, it got removed, see my userpic?

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Michael Jackson comes to mind :-P

And... James will be meeting me (and I will be meeting him too, weird that) in what is *techically* 1 week now. Will be fun.

David has warned me about a certain unfavorable trait with James' "behaviour", so I feel pretty prepared. I've also packed a kalashnikov, just in case he shows up with a bat.

Actually, I'm leaving Saturday morning, I haven't packed a thing yet... Not even sure what to bring :-)

He's only warned you about one trait? Hmm... I'm gonna assume that he's warned you about the extreme level of sarcasm I exude... Well there's others too, so you're not that prepared... :o)

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