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Weird dream
I just had a dream where I had gone to Sussex, along with Oliver, Matthew, Phil, Averill, and a good load of other people. And we were all living in big bedrooms, like the ones on Big Brother. First I was in a room with Phil and Averill, where we played cards. Then we went into the basement where there were kegs of brandy or rum or something, and accidentally knocked one over. There was a spark, and the whole place went up in flames, so we dragged Averill out (he was the one trying to get at the barrels and all), and called the fire brigade. First we had to remember whether the emergency phones at the side of the building were connected to the fire service or not (a la Big Brother's highway code questions which Darren was asked).

So anyway, then we all got moved to different rooms, and I didn't know anybody in mine, which pissed me off. Then it was time for us to go to lessons, so I did. Turned out there were only two people in my AI lessons - myself and Jude. She thought I was a bit crazy or something (*sniff*), but ho hum. And, for some reason, my chemistry teacher Mr Ryder was taking the lessons. Yes, it was very odd indeed. Then I think I woke up (this was about 6am), looked at the time, and went back to sleep again. Oh well...

Oh, and Bri is being an abject shit at the minute. And I'd tell him he was, only he'd probably not care any more. Pathetic twit that he is... S. That's what it is; S.

Anyhow, since my sister was using the bathroom earlier, I now have to go do everything I was meant to do then. So I shall leave. Back after work (ugh, this is all just too much)....


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