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Christ this sucks...
I'm already getting on for bedtime, and I've hardly been home... Not even four hours yet. See, this is why going to work just depresses me - it has me out of the house for ten hours, then I have to be in bed for about 7 hours, which leaves me just 7 hours out of the day free. Some of that goes on my early morning SMS's with Jen, some of that on breakfast and dinner, showers, getting dressed.... It just gets silly... Ultimately I get about an hour in the mornings in which I have to do everything, which gives me just about enough time to mail Jen and reply to some comments. Then in the evenings I get four, maybe five hours... And that's all. This is my life, ladies and gentlemen - work, tiny bit of rest, work, tiny bit of rest. You wonder why I'm depressed at the minute?


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