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A minor change
I've decided that hair is a bad thing. So I've styled my hair to minimize it sticking up (until recently I made the sides at the back stick up just to be distinctive), and shaved off my fuzz (well, it was longer than fuzz really, but...).


Anyhow, since I'm in a pictures mood, here's some of my workplace:

This picture shows the main test department. The instruments on the right hand side towards the middle (you can see the displays on) are the ones I'm upgrading to this new one that I'm meant to be semi-inventing for my boss.

Then this is my "office" - that's my computer, the big white block to the right of it is the side of the 8000, the little red display you can see just past the computer is the XDT/D.... Um... On the far left, in the middle vertically, the black instrument on the bench there is the Gaspace 2 that I fixed.

There we go... More later...


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