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This from Evolvedmind, most cretinous member of the Adjective Army:
>> >I don't want to teach people what to think, as such. But teaching them
>> >*how* to think would be a good start.
>> Who's going to teach the masses how to think?
>Religion has already done a good job at that.

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James get off the computer and phone me, I've tried its your turn. or I will come round when I have time. Which is most likely friday night...remeber I've known you longer than 've not.

Um, how about I don't honey ;o)

You can come over whenever, just bear in mind that I only get home from work at about 5:45 or so. But any time after that, any night you like, is fine by me. We need a good natter :o)

By the way, which mobile network were you on again?

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