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Weight while wearing clothes and holding my webcam: 150lbs
Weight without clothes or webcam: 151lbs

See, my scales are screwed. But one thing is clear - I'm heavier than I was. Must get heavier though..... Exercise is what's needed.

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It depends on where you're standing on the scales.

Right in the middle = correct readouts

Not in the middle of the scale = bad readouts

Heck, even if you didn't place your arm next to your hip, it can affect it.

What's that in metric-o-kilograms eh?

About 69kg, or there abouts...

Logged in as my sister... Silly me.... Anyway, yeah, so, about 69kg... Just weighed myself again and it was 152lbs, so...

OMG. My dog weighs more than that... no wonder you keel over after a glass of shandy.

You missed the obvious...

...anti-gravity clothes!

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