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Lots to say, maybe...
... but I wouldn't count on it. I wrote lots of stuff down that I wanted to post about, but I often miss out boring stuff... Anyhow, we've got a new guy at work. Well, he's not new, but he used to be working for the company in America, and now he's over here for a while. His name is Victor, and as far as I can make out he's Russian (therefore has a cool accent - I want to get a sound byte of him saying "So Mister Bond, will you give us the keys to the Negatron, or do we have to make things unpleasant for Miss Moneypenny?"). He's been working on the 8500 Permeation Device, he's like the top guy on that stuff. Which is groovy. He brought the coolest laptop with him (mine has been half-inched by my boss (well, it is his)). It's blue, a Sony one, has (I think) Windows ME (it certainly looked like it had a few features like subcategories on the start bar), runs in a wonderful resolution for a laptop (I'd guess 1280xSomething), and is so sleek. You have to plug in an external IO interface to connect it up to serial devices and USB stuff, simply because it's too thin to fit the plugs into. Wow :o)

In addition to Victor, there's another new person at work. My boss's new secretary. And if I didn't know better (which thankfully I do), I might draw some conclusions about why she was hired. Ahem... Oh well. I honestly don't think that's why, though. Her name is, I think, Chris. Ho hum. She'll be working upstairs, so I probably shan't see her again (although I may well get calls from her for the other lads in the test department)

Anyway, I've been thinking about my work. Specifically that I could probably work in this field some more with my present level of experience. Perhaps not, but since I have a rough understanding of the moisture cells and how they work, it seems like something I could get into. If I really had to. And fortunately I don't right now. But if I changed my mind, I could probably do quite well.... Or something.... Anyway, now onto a slightly more random thing. While browsing through my journal, I came across this little snippet. I know what it means, but nobody else does. Which is nice. And no, it's not in any way linked to sex:

Of nothing but this
My thought but for an instant
A reality to become for eternity
Falling into place as if inevitable

I must have been on something when I wrote it, but ho hum.... Oh, and I was thinking today about where I'd most like to be. It's probably in the woods near Jordans, on a crisp winters morning, where it's all frosty, the ground is hard, and the spiders webs are shining in the early morning light. Mmmm...

Ooh, at work today I answered the phone a couple of times. People who know me well know that I don't generally like talking to complete strangers on the phone (unless it's when I'm at home - because they're hardly strangers then, if they know somebody who lives here). However, since the guys in test are usually off somewhere (slight exaggeration, perhaps) I have to answer sometimes. And say "No, Ray isn't here", or "No, Ian isn't here".

Anyway, onto the big news. I finally cracked a nice formula for the company. It basically facilitates the production of equipment costing between £6,000 and £90,000, depending on what accuracy you're looking for. It's a great feeling, knowing you've done something so significant for the company, it really is... Much as I'd love to tell you the formula and how it works and how I got it, I shouldn't - it's secret :o)

Anyhow, I got some messages today. Nice of people. Well, not really. The messages read "Howdy Jim" and "No, No and thrice: NO!". Hardly the sort of rivetting stuff I enjoy reading to get away from working. But it's at least nice to get something to read, I suppose, so thanks anonymous people :o)

Anyway, more usless crap later. Including that big long crap about sexuality, if I can really be bothered... Oh, and make a note of the song I have playing now. Yes, I know I said it was crap. But I have since changed my mind a bit... It's not so much a cover as an adaptation. It's more like using samples than covering the song as such, and is thus acceptable. Plus, the song lends itself to the dance music style so well... :o)


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