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Some music stuff...
Was listening to the radio briefly this morning. That's always rare - normally I avoid the radio because... well... frankly, it sucks. Lots. But occasionally I have no choice - in the bathroom, there's only a radio - no CD player (unlike more or less every other room in the house these days), so I have to listen to the radio if I want music. Anyway, to cut a needlessly long story short, Daft Punk - One More Time was on the radio. Man, I've not heard that since... um... I think it was Vicky's birthday party... It's like my favourite song to dance to in clubs and stuff, see - it's just soooo good. Anyway, that's all I felt like saying on that subject - just a random little thing... Currently downloading it with AudioGalaxy, while ripping a few more CDs to MP3... Soon I'll have every CD I own ripped (I did before, but then I bought new CDs)...

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Want to borrow both their albums?

Hmm... Might do... But I'm not sure - that type of music doesn't appeal to me except in a club type setting, so... :o)

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