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Good morning
Well, I'm sort of tired. There's a troll in AGSC, but he failed to hold my attention. I've now marked his posts as "uninteresting", and as such they won't be listed as new posts (although I'll still download them in case I want to read them). After his "u r gay" assault, I simply had to invite him over for a BDSM session, and after that, the standard of his trolling went down rather... So now just ignoring him is the best option - trolls simply aren't very funny any more...

I'm still not in the right frame of mind to do my whole explanation of the sexuality thing. Last night, I discussed it yet again with somebody (whose name shall remain undisclosed), and thrashed out (no pun intended) a few points on the subject. But still not to the point where I can be bothered justifying the whole thing to everybody on here, so I shan't yet attempt it.

Right now, I'm bored out of my mind, like, completely. I don't feel like talking to anybody, or doing anything. I'm just very pissed off for no reason. Now bugger off, all of you


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