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Ahhh!! :o)
I love my Jen-Jen, and I love my new userpic. Thanks to David for the idea of having a better one than him ;o)

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awww jamie :)

we're so cute. we have to thank scott for taking the picture, oh yes...

Aww, we are, aren't we :o)

As for Scoot, yes, we should thank him. At least your sister didn't take it, who can't center pictures for some reason :o)

actually, you should have seen this picture before i cropped the left, right, and top. let's just say "bad" and leave it at that. at least our heads were in it :)


Perhaps it was Kate then - I seem to recall she took some pictures up there and couldn't center them. Or perhaps she said it wasn't centered and we got Scott to do it. I don't remember, I wasn't concentrating on anything but you :o)

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! you guys are the cutest!!!!!

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