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Where did they go...?
I mean all the people. Time was, my friends list was just full of people posting stuff. Now there's, like, not much. I'm once more becoming the most prolific poster on my list, and it's annoying... And if it's not me posting tons, it's David, who posts annoying one liner entries - at least when I write lots, I write lots of (vaguely) coherent long posts, not single sentences every couple of minutes ;o)

Anyhow, so yeah, I might be having Tacos for dinner, which will be yum, although I suspect that I (or my father, depending on who makes them) can't make them as well as Jen-Jen can... Oh well, we'll see :o)

I don't like what I'm posting on my journal at the minute - when I get back to work, I'll be able to do more of those long "this is my day" posts, which I actually quite like - they're at least informative and stuff :o)

Hmm, now my brother wants to go online... Back to watching the football for me, I guess...


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