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Right, I'm off...
'tis pub time. I can still be reached via SMS, specifically via ICQ's handy little thing *hint* so it's not like I'm really gone... It's time to kick arse at pool, and at drinking and stuff.


Later, kids...

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you know, when i said that one day to stop putting up pictures? i was just kidding...

just been thinking about that...

You send him a lot of messages by the way. ;)

it's because i love him :)

Aww.... I love you too sweetie. And I love getting messages from you - makes me go all warm and fuzzy inside :o)

Do you love me? I love you :-)

Do you wanna die?


Now the obvious answer to that question would be no. Why do you ask anyway?

Because I'm about to catch a train up there and kick your pansy short arse, that's why :o)

Cool, before you "attempt" to damage me in anyway can I kick your arse at scrabble again?

hmm... i wonder about you.


Now my dear, what do you wonder?

you have a girlfriend, you are engaged to a man, and you experiment sexually with sheep of both genders. isn't that a bit much? isn't that... uhm... tiring?


You are right I have a girlfriend, but my wedding to my male friend is off and I am afraid I havent experimented with sheep since james was up here visiting the other month, its just no fun without him :-)

Oh. OK. More pictures soon then :o)

that is one of my favorite songs. question- how come they dont sell small sized pants here?

It's the song I played for Jen on guitar lots :o)

As for small sized pants, I'm sure they sell them... I swear I've seen small ones...

You my friend are a fool

I congratulate you on hacking into my journal although it cant have been hard. The post you made was quite funny, well it made me laugh. It also made Nicola laugh as she was here at the time.
Anyway I have changed the password to journal now and I think you will have your work cut out guessing this one. But because the post you made today was pretty funny, I will give you a clue and point you in the right direction.
My password is to do with the movies and is a 14 letter word. Now if you can guess it and post a funny post within one week you will win a prize and I will post it down to you.

You have one week starting from tomorrow, good luck

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