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Mixed Emotions
Well, I have my guitar back. This makes me very happy. The reason I have it back is because they can't repair it. That's less good. It'll stay alive for now, though, but will ultimately break (which I'm not happy about). So I have decided on a plan of action. My 19th birthday (December 1st, for those of you who want to send me gifts and such) present will be a new guitar. And I'll try to convince my parents to agree to buy it for my birthday, or when my current guitar breaks - whichever is sooner. I shall then work during the Christmas holidays and use some of the money to pay them back for it. That way, I shall have a guitar :o)

Anyway, aside from having to bring my guitar home on the bus (yay), it was a fun day, more or less. Met Andy in EB at about 12:20, he managed to recognise me from my picture. I certainly didn't recognise him, partly because I've never seen him, but also partly because he looked nothing like I was expecting. No offence to him, but he comes across as such a computer geek when I talk to him online, but in person he couldn't be further from that... This is further pointed out when we (briefly) met his ex-girlfriend. Oh my God. The lucky bastard.... Ho hum.... Anyhow, we then met Kit near Burger King sometime in the region of 1pm, and did some heavy-duty wandering. This included stopping in at the new cyber cafe type thing in Wycombe, which basically consisted of 7 computers, a few of which were online. Games of Quake 3 were in progress, but sadly our computer wouldn't connect to them. Which is a shame, since I really fancied toasting some punk kids running around using the arrow keys... Anyhow, in the end we had a game of Red Alert. Well, three games. I played once on Hard and got trounced well and truly by 3 AIs, then played on Easy and beat one AI. Then Kit had a go on Normal and got beaten thoroughly by two AIs. I laughed. I had to, really, since we were both so crap.... Ah, the Adjective Army's finest, eh? :o)

Anyhow, did some other stuff too... Walked around a bit, ate at McDonalds, I got a strange message off my journal from some random individual, so naturally I responded to it... I'm still yet to know what the hell is going on, but.... Anyway, all in all it was a good day. It was nice to finally meet the both of them, after having known Kit for 3 years and not having met him until now... More later...


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