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My dream (of the ambition kind)
If I have one regarding this, then it is this...

Say I'm on a train going somewhere. Or in a car. Or lounging on the beach (which just happens to be a 5 minute walk from my house in Brighton). Or sitting in a lecture. Or doing something which involves me actually having a life, you know? In this situation, what I'd like very much is to be able to contact Jen if I like. And, indeed, still get in touch with you people...

Enter WAP and WML, meaningless abbreviations to some of you, but to me, it's the next step in having my journal run my life. I was meant to delete this thing at exactly one year from the start date, but I overslept that day, and forgot, and stuff, so you're stuck with me for at least another few months (the next day of significance where I could potentially rid myself of this forever (because I have to do it in a symbolic way) isn't until December 16th).

So what am I on about? The Mobile Internet - we've all heard of it, a good deal more than we care about, but if you ignore the hype and think about what it means on an individual level, it means this - using the new phone I'm getting, I will be able to update my journal from anywhere, any time, and contact anybody on ICQ who happens to be online. By sending an SMS to +2783142 and then your ICQ#, I can send an SMS straight to your desktop - cool, eh?

+2783142 eh... Need a way to remember that with letters... Perhaps it's "CRUD 1 ID" or something... Regardless, yeah, I'll just add a load of ICQ numbers to my phone memory (Jen, David, Dirk, TMA, my siiblings...) that way I can send messages to your computers for free. Mind, all the above have mobile phones anyway with the exception of Jen-Jen, so...

But yeah, I'll hopefully have the power to update my journal from anywhere, and I'll be able to send free SMS's to peoples' computers. Now you'll never be truly free of me :o)

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if and when I finish writing it :o)

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