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Disney Movies
Love 'em... Let's see what I've got here.... some Chip and Dale stuff, but bah... a limited edition Mickey Mouse video, Mickey and the Beanstalk, Bambi, Pinocchio, a Goofy video, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, Toy Story, The Sword in the Stone, Snow White, Fantasia, Sleeping Beauty, some of the newer Winnie the Pooh stuff (I also have all the old films)...

Ooh, and looking at the shelf, although it's not Disney, I also have The Neverending Story III - heh, I knew I had one of the sequels, just couldn't remember which.

Anyhow, yeah, I just got thinking about them after watching Robin Hood (which I also have)... We also have things like Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but apparently we lent a load to somebody, and we never got them back. Anyhow, just thinking... I like Disney movies, and so does Jen-Jen and stuff, so that's all... Ho hum... :o)

Hmm, my cat seems to have something icky on her, so when she jumps on my lap and then onto the keyboard, she leaves a trail. Lovely. Grr...

*goes to play with cat while sister goes online*

Ack! Alfred just jumped on the keyboard and tried to delete shortcuts off my desktop. Right, that does it...

*goes to chase cat*

Right, she's now upstairs out of harm's (i.e. my) way. Poor ball of fuzz - she wants to go outside, only she's not allowed out overnight, just during the day, since she has a habit of climbing on the roof of our extension at 5am and meowing at my parents' window...

*wanders off to find something to eat*

Yummy... I had cereal. It was good. I'll have some grilled cheese later on tonight, I guess - I'm staying up late since it's now the weekend. Yay... Right now, I'm playing a little game - I'm looking for something with a Union Jack on it - it's harder than you'd think, by a long way :o)

Update: The time this entry was posted was, sadly, not intentional... Grr... Stupid number :o)

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Disney movies rock hard! I'm disappointed that you don't have the Little Mermaid, but the Sword in the Stone makes up for it.

Neverending Story III is not good. The first was great, the second... okay. But not the third. Read the book. =^)

I think we used to have The Little Mermaid, but it sucks monkey nuts, so...


You're just being British, the Little Mermaid rocks.

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