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This is what I would have said yesterday, if I had had the time...

Well I had no boss all day. This was good. But I had nothing much to do. That was less good. So I just sat there in utter boredom, in the knowledge that I was doing as much as I possibly could, and it wasn't enough. Ho hum. Oh, and I played Minesweeper, and won Beginner and Intermediate in 15 and 156 seconds respectively. It's not as good as my sister's score, but I'm not sad enough to sit there playing for ages (or editing the winmine.ini file, for all I know)...

Anyway, in the evening, we went to the pub in Shabbington for a meal. I had a Gammon steak (or part of one at least), which was nice. Then we went back to the Churchill in Crendon to play pool and to drink some more. Then the bastards actually told me to stop drinking or they'd not take me home, which I thought was bloody rich coming from them.... But I did, so... But to put things in perspective, while I didn't think I was very far gone at all, I actually lost at pool to Chris, Dan and Michael. That was bad...

Anyhow, off to Wycombe to meet Kit and Andy soon. Should be fun

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you fool

You were too far gone, you were getting very over excited and shouting, it was most embarrassing

I was not. Why must you lie like that?

Don't mind me. Just browsing through the whole of your journal. Interesting reading thus far and a few memories.

Nostalgic, can you tell? :)

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