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Today's long one - sorry for the delay...
After yesterday's 14kb entry, I dunno how I can possibly top it. However, I won't even try - I have better things to do today. Right now, I'm drawing out the schematics for the EC90MD MkII circuit board - it's difficult, I get given a copy of the board, the acetate type things that the PCB masks are on, and have to work out what connects to what and stuff. It's especially hard since the board has circuits on both sides, sometimes crossing over sides, and I have to draw it as a two dimensional flat plan. Oh well, it's not so bad. Once I've finished that, I can then write a bit more about Aluminium Oxide sensors, and then that's all I have to do today.

Ooh, and look at that - in an hour, I've managed to complete my rough schematic, just basically showing what connects to what - now I just have to draw it out properly, which should take approximately as long. Must remember to post something at lunch - I'm sending some stuff to some people in the post (probably cost quite a bit, but I don't mind), including the worst picture of me in existence, circa Christmas 1996, back when I had lots of hair (not long hair, just lots of hair). Oh well, at least I can send the photo away :o)

10:45, and I'm not really much closer... Listening to the latest Offspring album is helping my boredom though - currently, I'm on my second draft of the schematic, which will be my penultimate draft, hopefully - the next one is going to be the final draft which will look more or less like the finished product. Then I have to actually produce said finished product for Brian. But I'm really enjoying it - drawing out all these circuits, I have a fairly good idea of where the makers of Tron got the lightcycles idea from - drawing three lines which follow each other around the paper really does feel like that :o)

And now one hour before lunch, we get the thunder and lightning. I'm telling you, we've had thunder storms almost every day this week, it's getting bloody ridiculous. Oh well, I still intend to meet Dan, let's hope he's still going to be there, eh... I've made some progress on the schematic, although I've started over many times, just because I keep making errors like numbering pins wrong and thus connecting them wrong. Oh well, I'll get there in the end, I'm constantly making progress, after all...

Right, so not seeing Dan at lunch - not surprising after this weather, mind. So it's off to the new branch of Sainsbury's or whatever it is that's up this end of Thame - no bloody way am I walking down to the town centre and getting p*ssed on. Oh well, maybe have lunch with Dan tomorrow. As for the schematic, my final draft is almost done, which means I just have the finished product to draw up. Hopefully, that'll all go smoothly this afternoon - then I can pad my Aluminium Oxide report, print that out, and then I'm done for the day, as good as...

3:15pm, and I've just finally finished the schematic, after discovering the joy that is Tipp-Ex... So it's a bit splodged, but that's OK, it'll work for now. Now to start writing...

Hmm, 4:40 and I'm text messaging Jen-Jen via her ICQ. That's just so cool - I can keep in touch from work now, yay. Silly phones in America though, they don't do text messages like ours. We really need a Microsoft for the American Mobile Telecommunications Market, and have an industry standard. Over here, the industry standard is a 160 character SMS, which can be sent between any phones in Europe. We need the US to do something similar, so we can talk to them, rather than each individual network provider thingie handling things differently. That'd be neat... Then I could keep in touch, like, always. One thing's for certain - if I'm going to make a habit of this, I should sign up with Genie Mobile for free text messages :o)

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Yes, weather permitting, I will met you outside Martins at about 13:10. Mmkay?

Certainly. Weather permitting. And since we've had rain like every day this week....... :o)

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