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Answer my question now
Am I "bootylicious"? Nobody will tell me...

Well, am I "bootylicious"?


Please nobody ask my what "Bootylicious" means, I haven't got a clue...

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steve, you are so gross!


hey, just saying it like i see it :p

Ugh... You keep away from me, you scary scary man.

Stay away from me, bad man

hey, no need to be all nasty..

stay away from my boyfriend! or i'll break your arm or something....


Jen-Jen, did I mention how much I love you when you get all possessive? :o)

okay, everyone is picking on poor stevie now..

and i dont want him. im as straight as a big straight straight thing thats has won the annual 'straight' thing contest in a land of straight things. and i mean it. well, the sentiment. not the whole 'really straight thing' analogy..

Hey, you kissed me. I think she's kinda mad at you for that :o)

hey, youre making it sound a lot like it wasnt. i recall being drunk and goaded on....

Your excuses are worthless.

well, yea. but theyre excuses nevertheless. and i promise never to kiss you ever, ever again.

Good. I also made Jude promise me that she'll protect me, so there :oP

i made jude promise shell make me go for some random women. which means ill have less time to try to scare you. but i must say, the whole experience was worthwhile if just for your reaction in game the next day..

My reaction being running away in a panic? ;o)

yea, made me laugh quite a lot that did

I don't know what it means, so I'll say yes *nods*

Well that's as good a way of deciding as any :o)

i think it means that you have a nice ass, which makes you unbelievably sexy.

Also used to refer to someone you'd like to fuck.

That help? :)

Well, some have said I have a nice ass... So in that case, I should just declare myself as being bootylicious.

As for the second one - peoples' opinions on that generally remain their own, so I wouldn't know (although the fact that Steve thinks I'm bootylicious worries me no end)

jamie... be careful... people other than me are telling you that they want to fuck you...

No they're not - they're just saying I have a nice arse. And they wouldn't know anyway :o)

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