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Yay, the phone is back again
My phone can now send text messages (as David will have found out at 6:30am today - twice). That will make my life a little better, since I can respond to you bastards every time you send me messages (well, those of you who leave a name or number at any rate). I'm much happier now... Ooh, and I just tested the "SMS Me" link at the bottom of each post to my journal - that works, which I'm pleased about. Worked quick just now, but then it is the morning, so Genie won't be busy... I'll do more fiddling with my journal layout later, I think...

Anyway, at about 10:30pm last night, our phone line just cut off. I got booted offline, and on picking up the phone, it was dead. Which was odd. Called BT on a mobile, and got them to run some tests on the line. Dunno what the problem was, but it's fixed now (hence my being online and all)... So that's OK... Anyway, right now I'm having a fun time adding different peoples' pages to my favourites, since until now I just used the directory to view those peoples' journals who post lots of consecutive messages (and thus would flood my friends page if I put them on - not that I don't want to, just that it makes it look messy :o).... Got a few done, but there's still more to do... Grr..

Oh, and today (Friday - woohoo!), lots of people from work won't be there. Not quite sure what the deal is there, but oh well.... Just means that perhaps my boss will also be away. Which won't be so good today, since I've practically finished all the mathematical analysis of the relative humidity stuff, and so now I'm not sure what to do next... I've got some data from the MM1000D that I can use to establish a temperature coefficient, but the thing is that it's the first data I've collected for Hydrogen, so I need a secondary piece in order to establish which parts of the data are due to temperature and which are due to the moisture level. It's confusing, none of you will understand what I'm on about, but hey - it's my journal, not yours :o)

Right now I'm sitting in the study, being bored. Soon I may go get dressed and get ready for work, but I don't know if I can be bothered with that right now... I may just sit here instead. Oh, I got a thing through from Sussex yesterday, basically saying "Yes, you are coming to our University - kindly turn up on October 4th". So I'm all, like, groovy, late start. Nothing as yet on accomodation - if they stick me in a four foot square box with no phone line, by God I shall have the biggest moan at them of my life. No bloody way am I going to use the silly university computers for getting online, especially if I'm spending upwards of £1500 on a computer for my room (which includes a webcam - if I'm not online in my room, that was money well and truly wasted). Oh well, time will tell - it usually does... I've got a million and one forms to sign and send back, avec passport photos, so I shall have to go get some of those done today. Ah, more photographs for me to scan. Or not, as they case may well be :o)

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Anyway, at about 10:30pm last night, our phone line just cut off. I got booted offline, and on picking up the phone, it was dead. Which was odd.

I was also cut off at about 10:30pm last night. I thought it was down to good ol' BT Internet. But wait...I could not make voice calls as well. It would just be engaged after I press one single button...

Glad to hear somebody else was having problems. The bastards...

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