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In the last week, I've had over 500 people view the picture of me wearing my hat... That's a pretty damned good number, frankly...

Anyhow, once more, I'm awake, and once more, I have work today. I hate work - it means I need early bed-times, so I can only be around from about 5:30pm to 11pm. I need the money to be able to go see Jen, but if I can't talk to Jen because of the work, then there's something wrong right there... I guess I could fuck my sleeping pattern, and sort it so I sleep as soon as I get home, and before I go to work, and have my five hours of being awake somewhere in the middle (i.e. sleep from 5:30pm to 10pm, then awake from 10pm to 3am, then sleep from 3am to 7am) if I have to... If it'll help...

Anyhow, hopefully I'll be able to write journal type stuff while I'm at work, so that should pass the time...

One good thing - the book "How to be Good" by Nick Hornby. If you've not read it yet, go read it. It's one of the most cynical, depressing, and hilarious books I've read in a long time. I bought it at Heathrow just before I went to America, read it while my plane was delayed, then read it on the plane, then read it one afternoon while I was there. It's a great book, it really is :o)

Anyhow, I think I should probably go eat something... Food and exercise - ugh. Yesterday I ate tons (well, four meals anyway), and jogged home from the bus stop, non-stop until I touched the front door handle. Quite far, sort of. Although not as far as the several mile long jogs that I go on with Ebs and James, but you know, can't be helped - there's nowhere here I especially want to jog several miles to, and I'm too lazy anyway.

*wanders off in search of food*

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i don't think it'll work either way you try to do it. i never know when i can get online. it just depends on my plans for the day. when i start working (yeah right) it'll just depend on what hours i have. for now it's fine as it is. i guess.


Yeah, I guess that's true... But if when you start working it means you're at work between 12 and 6 (which is more or less when I'm home), then I'll switch my sleeping around. 'tis the least I can do :o)

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