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Oh, totally groovy...
The subject has to be said in my pseudo-upper-class voice to sound right. Anyway, it's in response to the fact that my CD arrived today. Woohoo.... I don't care how silly it is - Jason Donovan rules... Takes me right back to my youth when I thought he was, like, good and such... Oh, how perceptions change :o)

Oh, I played a few games of Hearts at work today when I got bored. At one point, the scores (mine first) were 66, 86, 45, 63. If I just held out, then the player on 86 would go over 100, and the player on 45 wouldn't go higher than me, so I'd not come first. However, through some nice tactical play, I shot the moon, turning the scores to 66, 112, 71, 89. So I won. Woohoo!

Aww... I just watched Eastenders. I must say, it was actually really moving. All very upsetting, really... Aww... And moving from a sad to a happy topic - I should be getting my computer within the next 8 days or so. That's a good thing, since I should have had it ages ago... Ho hum. Ought to be here before next weekend (I hope, but I dunno really). Otherwise it'll be the weekend after, which is after my last week of work. Ah, only 11 days left to do now. Praise the lord :o)

I've been giving a little thought to the subject of the phrase "Just Good Friends". Yes, sad, I know, but it's all I manage to occupy myself with on the long bus journeys and such. My conclusion is that "Just Good Friends" is a lesser degree of friendship than "Good Friends". By way of examples, I shall use Alex and Becca (both female, before anybody starts jumping to conclusions). Alex and I are 'Good Friends', Becca and I are 'Just Good Friends'. To be honest, 'Just Good Friends' is a crock of shite as far as relationships go. Why bother attaching all sorts of prohibitory rules to something like that? It's vastly better if there are no real rules, and you just do as you please. *Ahem*

Anyway, for the afternoon today my boss was absent. Dunno why. But it let me continue in peace with what I was doing - I was calculating something to do with the experimental prototype I'm working on right now. After the gas goes through the water chamber, turns out that if its temperature drops by anything greater than 1.5 degrees centigrade then the test will be invalidated. That is going to be somewhat difficult to engineer. But it won't be my problem. I'm just telling them what's wrong, not fixing it. Out of interest, I got hold of a pricing list and added up the price of all the instruments in my little work area. The total came to £60,000 (which is equivalent to about $100,000). Not bad, although I am working on two £18,000 instruments which makes up a lot of that cost. If I suddenly turned into a bomb and blew them up (it happened in Chemistry once, but Oliver and I don't talk about it) then I would be a very expensive explosion indeed. OK, that was a little flight into fantasy land where the rules of English don't really hold, but hey, I'm in a random mood right now... I'm allowed to talk like that...

Anyhow, Andy spoke to me earlier about the possibility of meeting up in Wycombe. I live about 10 miles outside it, he lives 5 miles outside it, and I've known him and Kit for about three years without meeting them. So this weekend I ought to be going in to meet the both of them, which'll be weird. Apparently Kit is really shy, which fits in with the impression I get from talking to him on ICQ, but vastly different from the impression he gives on Usenet. We shall have to see.... More later.


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