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Something that will never stop being fun
Ah.... It's so amusing to start referring to Bri as my boyfriend for a bit and see how people react to that... Ho hum, what passes for entertainment in my sad little life, eh? :o)

Anyhow, off to work now. Lots of things to be doing, unfortunately.... :o(

Talk to you all later (well, most of you).

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"Working 9 till 5, what a way to make a living..."

By the way, how much longer have you got working at this place in the industrial estate in Thame?

I would ask on MSN but obviously you are not on it.

Two more weeks from next Monday.

And I'm not on MSN because BTI are the most buggy ISP in the universe...

I beg to differ. Screaming.Net is the buggiest ISP in the universe.

Point conceded.... BTI are among the most buggy.

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