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I think I'm taking things a bit far... Or maybe not... Well anyway, I had breakfast at 4am, which consisted of a big bowl of cereal. Then I went back to bed. Anyhow, now I'm up, and making myself grilled cheese. So clearly my days of just never eating are gone. Right, now, about that grilled cheese.....

*time elapses*


*time elapses*

Yum, first one is done... And it's good :o)

*more time elapses*

Second one is done, now I have to finish the first one... :o)

The second one is kinda burned, but that's what you get when Jen doesn't make them for me ;o)

*a little more time passes*

Right, finished. And can I just say - yummy. I love grilled cheese, which is really fried. I'm alternating each day - one day, grilled cheese, the next day, french toast, repeat to fade... Let's see how fast I can gain weight. I'll just have to be careful that it goes to the right places, but exercise can sort that out. If I can be arsed ;o)


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