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OK, first act of boredom
Here's my current playlist - it's the contents of my c:\my documents\music\america\ directory, where I put all the stuff that has a rather common theme, as you will see as I analyze each song in turn :o)

3 Doors Down - Be Like That
Listened to this a lot in the car with Jen, mostly when going to Giant, and stuff...

Ben Folds - Rockin the Suburbs
Heh, we heard this like twice ever, both times at night (IIRC), and it was just silly. "Y'all don't know what it's like, being male middle class and white". And the censoring on the word "fuck" was just hilariously dire. Downloaded it just because it stuck out in my memory.

Bush - Glycerine
She sings it about 4 octaves up from how Bush do it, but does so with the voice of an angel. When she sings and accompanies herself on the keyboard, it's literally breathtaking.

Moulin Rouge - Lady Marmalade
I have some serious issues with this movie, and with the artists behind this song, but that's part of the point, for some reason. I always follow this song, which just upsets and depresses me, with a happy one, which makes the happy one even better. And hearing it on the radio all the time in America was fine, because I had Jen with me, which sorta cancelled out all the bad stuff, so... :o)

City High - What Would You Do
This one brings back memories of driving around in the station wagon with Jen and Kate, all singing along to this song. It's good to sing to, for some reason... :o)

Creed - Higher
Creed - Higher (Live)
Jen's song. She has lots of songs, but you know, this one stuck out.... Damned good song :o)

Creed - With Arms Wide Open
Just one I heard on the radio a lot over there...

Dave Matthews Band - The Space Between
The one really good song Dave Matthews ever managed to do, frankly. I saw the video with Jen, and again in New York, which just upset me...

Everclear - Like a California King
Everclear - Sunflowers
These two are on here because between leaving Pennsylvania, and leaving the US completely, this (Everclear's So Much For The Afterglow) was the only CD I listened to. I had it looping all on the train from PA to NY, I listened to it when going to sleep when I was staying in Manhattan, and listened to it on the plane home. Brings back all the memories I was thinking of at the time.

Five For Fighting - Superman (It's not easy)
Just one off MTV that I watched with her a couple of times, that stood out in my memory.

Fuel - Bad Day
Fuel's new one, that was on the radio quite a bit.

Fuel - Shimmer
Listened to this on CD (I believe it was the single we listened to, but I could be wrong) in the car one time - it's one of the songs Jen had as "Current Music" a few weeks back when I was looking out for new music, so I sort of adopted it as Jen-Music :o)

Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon
Goo Goo Dolls - Name
Just the first time I'd heard these songs (that used to be favourites of mine) in a long time was on the radio, both times coming down the hill from Greenwood, so...

Incubus - Drive

On the radio all the damned time... Not the greatest song, but because it was always on there, it reminds me of her.

Incubus - Stellar
More Jen-Music... She mentioned that this song was good, I got it, liked it, and it kinda became one of our songs, in so far as she wrote the lyrics at me one time :o)

Janet Jackson - All for you

Dislike it tremendously, but it was also on the radio lots so reminds me of Jen. I'm kinda funny like that - even things I don't like remind me of Jen and are therefore good. I may even start eating Corn on the Cob just to remind myself of her...

Lifehouse - Everything
Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment
Do I need to explain? I mean really... These two songs made me cry even before I met Jen, so.....

Live - All Over You
Live - Lightning Crashes
Live songs on the radio? Good grief! Yeah, so, heard these on the radio. See the Goo Goo Dolls songs for why that's important.

Live - Turn My Head
The song I play for her on guitar. I managed to play it on Scott's guitar for her at one point, so yay :o)

Moby - South Side
Heard it in the car a few times - my version doesn't have Gwen Stefani on it, so it's kinda weird to hear the US version, hence why it stuck in my head.

Nelly Furtado - I'm Like a Bird
We heard this and sung along to it and stuff in the car :o)

N'Sync - Pop
Evil music, but it was on the radio so damned much that it always reminds me of her.

Oasis - Champagne Supernova Introduction
Oasis - Champagne Supernova
We were at Hershey park, and we were both really tired. She laid down and rested on my lap for a while, then I did the same. While I lay there, she sang Champagne Supernova to me, in a really high key, and it was just so beautiful that I fell asleep right there and then.

Our Lady Peace - Life
Our Lady Peace - Clumsy
Jen-Music, that I got off her Current Music from her journal, and then listened to with her.

Pet Shop Boys - Always on my Mind
A song I learned to play on the keyboard while I was there....

Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradice
Yet another song from the keyboard

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
She played this for me on the guitar and on the keyboard

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside
We listened to this song in the car on the way from the airport on the first day - I remember it well.

Staind - It's Been A While
Lots of radio-play, so...

Sugar Ray - Fly
Heard this a lot on the radio. Michael didn't like it, he thought it was too old or something, I forget.

Sugar Ray - When It's Over
New Sugar Ray song, on the radio lots, and, like, it's Sugar Ray.

Sum41 - Fat Lip
Kate wanted to loop this song forever, but we didn't let her. Thankfully, I didn't hear it too much, so I still like it :o)

The Ataris - Giving Up On Love
Track #1 on End Is Forever, the album I listened to when going to sleep while I was in Sam's room. So generally the first thing I heard after hearing Jen say goodnight.

The Ataris - I O U One Galaxy
Also on End Is Forever, this one just meant a lot to me, since I promised Jen I'd give her the stars, so it's kinda fitting :o)

The Ataris - I Remember You
I forget which day it was, but on VH1 there was this top 20 countdown (I think it was 20) of Power Ballads, then of various other genres. I saw the video for the original of this song, which just amused me, since until then I'd only heard the Ataris version.

The Ataris - San Dimas High School Football
Played this for Jen in the car one day...

The Ataris - Summer Wind Was Always Our Song
Forgetting that "Summer Wind" is a Frank Sinatra song for a moment, the title is such a romantic idea (which is how I choose to view it). Plus, this is track 2 on End Is Forever, so it's the second (and usually last) song I'd hear before falling asleep.

Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life
After years of not hearing this song, suddenly it was on the radio in America every single day...

Tonic - If You Could Only See
Jen-Music... I like this one :o)

Toto - Africa
There was a competition on The New Beaver 103.1, where they played a clip of music backwards and you had to say what it was. It was Toto - Africa, which I answered correctly :o)

Train - Drops of Jupiter
This got more airplay than anything other than N'Sync. He says "chicken" funny and makes Jen laugh :o)

Travis - The Last Laugh of the Laughter
On the last day, I decided to change a memory - Travis' The Man Who album always reminded me of Karen, since I bought it for her, but I wanted to change that, so in the car on the last day, I listened to it with Jen, when we went to the grocery store, and the station, and stuff. Now it reminds me of Jen-Jen... Especially this song, which I really love, and she also really loves.

Uncle Kracker - Follow Me
Heh, I like this song, Scoot really doesn't, but bah... It's good, and we heard it tons on the radio early on, although it stopped being on about half-way through. Ho hum... List over...

Tracks still to obtain include The Corrs - Breathless (but I have that on CD from David somewhere I think)... I forget the others, but there will be some.


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