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See Jim Dance
Dance, Jim, Dance!

Um... OK, so whatever... Um, let's see... Got back to Planetarion to find that I still suck, even moreso, so I've instructed Chas to take my roids off me. That way, when the round ends, I won't feel like I've lost anything when I inevitably get crushed. The problem with leading an army of cretins is that at the end of it all, they all turn on you :o)

Alert: Pointless pictures!!

Hmm, I'm bothering a web based discussion forum that David sometimes posts to - there are threads discussing whether David is hot, and I felt I had to participate :o)

Alert: Pointless pictures!!

G'night everybody :o)

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*resists the urge to take the piss for a second time* ;)

Aww... I miss you too sweetie...

Look who else misses you...

do you always look like you are about to cry?

depends, are you always a bitch?

LJ is kinda broken - that came through as a reply to my original post, and I was like "What, is Jen calling me a bitch?! Woah, what did I do?!!" :o)

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