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Stuff, you know...
Ugh... My Tonic CD, Sugar, smells just like Jen's car, I dunno why... But it upsets me to smell it. So you know what, I think I'll, um, not sniff my CDs. I know this may seem like a big step, but you know, I'm trying :o)

I'm now surrounded by people who think biscuits are cookies, who look at French Toast with disgust, who have never heard of some of the best bands in the world (although they sadly all know who N'Sync are), and think ice is a luxury in drinks, rather than a necessity. Oh well, at least I'm not in France ;o) Anyway, the point is, I'm trying to get back to the random (and proven dangerous) sense of humour that I know you all grew to love, after you realised that resistance was futile. Give me marks out of 10 please.

I love my American wardrobe. This is what I will wear when I get in from work, I think. On that subject, work starts on Monday morning, bright and early at 8:30am, and I'll be out until about 6pm every day. If we flick back a year in my journal, we'll see the sort of work involved here - it's the same job as a year ago, but 20% better paid. This money will help very much in paying off my debts - I'll be within sight of that glorious £0 by the end of the summer... Woo!

Um, give me your opinions on my new userpics. Or die :o)

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Um, give me your opinions on my new userpics.

You look uncannily like Rodney Trotter.

You heartless bitch :o)

I especially like the picture of the pant leg on your head..hmm... = )

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