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So you know...
I've been eating. This is only of interest to one person, but that's fine, since this journal is pretty much just for her anyway... :o)

So, today, I got in and made myself grilled cheese, which was yummy. Then I had toast for lunch, since I didn't fancy making anything much. Then for dinner I had Bolognese, more toast, cereal, and chocolate mousse... Not all on the same plate, but you know, you get the idea. I'm fattening myself up for next time I come see you

In other news, I've had like an hour of sleep since Wednesday night, so I'm sort of sleepy... Bed time in a few hours, but perhaps I'll stay awake and talk to Jen - depends when she gets home, really... We'll see...

So, time to set up my computer soon, I think... Fun.....


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