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This is difficult
Even though I've already left Jen, I now have to do it again - I have to leave the country and go home... It means going from being just a $70 train ride, and a national call away from her, to being about $400 and international calls away. Until I get on that plane, I could always go back, on the money I have left. But after 6pm tonight, I can't.

Quick addition to my mental list, that's going here for ease of use: Neverending Story. Forgot about that movie. I've remembered every other one I watched with her.

Um, anyway, so, this is my last update from the USA. I'll next be home sometime Friday morning.

Random fact: unless my third year finals screw me, I'm taking Jen to her senior prom. Just so you all know... And if I can't do that, then junior prom. I'll get to at least one of them :o)

Erm, anyway, my plane (AA100) gets in to Heathrow at approximately 6:25am on Friday. Wish me luck, since last time, I had a four hour delay... I'll talk to you all later....

- Jamie

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Yay, Dad thinks you'll be getting home around the same time as I wake up :-)


Well at least he knows when to collect me, that's lucky. I sent him an e-mail just in case though :o)

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