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I'm still alive, kids... currently in Rockaway with my relatives. This area is scary...

Anyway, I leave Thursday afternoon (my time), and arrive Friday morning (UK time), just so you know. Tuesday I dunno what I'll be doing (perhaps sleep - I've slept for about 12 hours in the last 24), and Wednesday I should be seeing my cousins from New Jersey...

Saw a picture of my cousin Stephen earlier, and was reminded just how like my uncle Roger he looks - lots of resemblances in our family, I guess...

Anyway, I won't bore all of you with how much I miss Jen - I'm sure you can guess. I just need to get home and have a good cry right now... I wonder if Becca is around..... :o|

Hmm, I have a phone card - now I can call Jen from here, which is good... And I have an AOL Account, but we won't go into that - I'd rather not discuss it :o(

Heh, anyhow, that's enough from me for now, I think... I'll bother you all later. G'night :o)

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Im around and would like to have a wet shoulder, but get me quick I am going to Devon with Mark (current) on sunday, phone me when you get back. Luv ya Poppet, might have just missed you?!?!?

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