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Leaving tomorrow... A few things to remember...

The way she looks at me just because she can
The way her hair falls over her face
The way her whole body twitches as she falls asleep
The way she always holds my hand
"Just kidding"
"Do you wanna die?"
"Billy likes soda"
American flag bathing suits
Her laughter
The way she bites my hand
"Roll, bitch, roll"
Love, and stuff...

Hmm... So, things to do when I get back home. Obtain, by whatever means, the following movies:

Sweet November, Amadeus, Mr Holland's Opus, Anastasia, Contact

And get hold of the following songs:

Follow Me, When It's Over, Be Like That, Drops of Jupiter, Glycerine, Lady Marmalade, Drive,

It's funny, usually at times like this I'd write down like every detail so that I don't forget stuff, but this time I'm not. Because I don't look back on stuff while I'm still there, if you see what I mean. If I thought this'd be the last time I see her, then I'd write everything down so I never forget. But there's no point in dwelling on our past while we have a future, and I think we do, so...

One thing - I'm so glad I came here. Our relationship has its unstable parts (i.e. when one of us gets into a sulk at the other, stuff like that), but it's still the best thing that's ever happened to me. So yay. Great girl, she really is. And I love her with all my heart. Like, properly.

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(Deleted comment)
It is indeed. You should hear Jen sing it - she sounds like an angel.... :o)

(Deleted comment)
No, you're not allowed to hear it. She sings for me, not you ;o)

>Sweet November

just came out .'. talk to me and stuff, I keep meaning to see it, looks like my kinda film so I'll post you disks

I watched it on the plane coming to America. Go see it, it's worryingly relevant. Apart from how it ends and stuff. But the themes at the start, I mean.

awwwwww :P

ms lippy's car is green
bearpen hollow and chicka-d lane
white man-socks
mozzarella sticks

Spraying Alex, Brian, Si and Nick with water
Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King, Arbys, Dog House, Wendys

And stuff.... See you soon :o)

popeye's chicken is fucking awesome....

reading your journal makes me wanna cry.

i'm sorry i use your journal to talk to jenny. but, she never seems to read anything else. it's the only way i get to hear about what you guys do. i love her with all of my heart too (in the sisterly, best friend way of course).

i'm glad you found her.

Not that I mind you doing that, but you can just e-mail her and she will read it - I'd sit there with her when she'd check her e-mail, and she'd always get happy if there was something from you... She'd be all like "Aww, Sarah!" and stuff :o)

I'm glad I found her too, and I'm jealous beyond belief that you get to be with her all the time :o)

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