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You want proof?
Here's how it goes:

So yes, that's what it looks like. Groovy, eh?

Anyhow, so, today, we've not done much.... Well, by that, I mean I've not done much - everybody else has been working on cleaning the house, but nobody ever wakes me up in time for me to really help (on account of how I stay in bed for, like, ever, after being woken). Although I did help wash the dishes after dinner, so...

I've gained weight. Just a few pounds, but still, it's a good start. I'm impressed with myself. Earlier on, I was asked to pick Jen and Kate up together in front of their parents, but I kinda slipped, pulled a muscle in my leg, and fell backwards, them falling on me. Not smart. Then I did it again, and it worked, so... :o)

So, what else? Tomorrow I'm going to Hershey Park, home of bad chocolate and scary rides. ARGH!! Jen will make me go on everything I hate, just like at Lakemont, which... well... blah...

Jen is intent on changing me for the better, or something. She makes me do stuff I don't want to. For instance, she made me touch her eyeball. And then I let her touch mine. Now, I'm like the most squeamish person in the universe when it comes to my eyes, so this is like some sort of major achievement. Yay me, since I managed it.

Oh, and then earlier, I kinda whipped Jen with a tea-towel (as you do...). She was not impressed, and splashed me with dishwater. So I was all like "You know, back home that's fightin' talk", put my hand under the tap so that I could splash her, then found that the water was rather, um, boiling hot. So I screamed or something. Not a good look for me.....

Hmm, so... yeah... Oh, we're not going to New York this weekend. It'd be kinda expensive anyway, so... However, Brian (my cousin) is in Pennsylvania this Saturday, so we might see him instead. Scary :o)

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Urgh. I presume you have forgotten to wash your ear lately? ;)

I was actually avoiding proof in vain hope :oP

(Deleted comment)
personal preferance :o)

I mean, I think you have one too dont you? sorry :o)

just, it looks so crap :oP

(Deleted comment)
See, this is why Dirk rules, as if we needed further proof.....

I think I'll be agreeing with you on this one. = )

good good, I'd hate to think there was dissertion in the ranks or something :o)

And proud to be one. Thank you for the compliment.

Re: You want proof?

Superfluous r detected...

lol, my mind was along that route too..

Re: You want proof?

Very clever Cha^W TMA

Two compliments in a row? You're getting good at this. = )


we got your card. thanx. we see that the puny civilisation of the americans have not yet aquired the technology of *automobile*....
would you care to trade knowledge with us?

Re: sidmeiersidmeiersidmeierinmyhead

Your civilization makes us laugh. We will agree not to crush your worthless civilization in exchange for the secret of automobile.

Re: sidmeiersidmeiersidmeierinmyhead

how are you gonna crush my civilisation if you don't have the secret of automobile?

you probably know it's possible to alter the conversation in civ1 by changing this txt file.....i can't remember what the correct answer to this is supposed to be as me and amund changed it "piss off" back in 92. so piss off. and we have decided to rid the world of your worthless civilisation. just wait till we get the manhattan project!

Re: sidmeiersidmeiersidmeierinmyhead


We of America already have Manhattan, and their project. But we will spare your puny civilisation in exchange for the secret of Communism.

stalin for us president

think of this: stalin in charge of america. now that'll be ridicolous....hehe...what an idea....
there'd be massive gulags up in alaska and poeple would be sentenced to 25 years of hard labour....

did you hear, in civ 3 you can only choose between 2 civs: america and therestoftheworld?

Just a question, not a flame. I know you'll think this is a flame, but it's not. It's a joke.

Did you get the other ear done too? And do you wear large earrings in the evenings and weekend? I just know you do! Ever trying to reach your role model - Pat Evans (from Eastenders fame).

Ah, so you know my long term plans for my ears...
May I ask who betrayed my secrets to you?

Ed noticed it first, but even so...

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