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Songs they simply have to play at the concert
Here We Go Again, Learning How to Smile, Summerland, Annabella's Song (the real one), Brown Eyed Girl, Now That It's Over, My Sexual Life, Sparkle, Fire Maple Song, Normal Like You, Strawberry, Unemployed Boyfriend....

Highlights will of course be the last chorus in Here We Go Again, the last half of Learning How to Smile, The whole of Fire Maple Song (the one I've loved for the longest), Summerland (the first one I ever heard), the chorus of Unemployed Boyfriend, and of course pretty much the whole of all the great songs off the previous albums which I'm just praying they'll play :o)

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Underworld are better live. :)

That feeble effort isn't even worthy of a backlash, sorry :o)

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