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And here you go
A few of these things to keep you guys going...

Hmm... the pictures don't look so great, but it's just the digital camera... :o)

Anyhow, so, that is all for now :o)

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or something else appropriate

By the way, I told her about you kissing me. She's gonna kill you now ;o)

bah! why did you make gaz keep it a secret then?

and shes gonna have to find me first...

Because I didn't exactly want her finding out from anybody but me. Reading it on Gaz's journal wouldn't be the most appropriate way of telling her. I told you at the time, she's got James-is-gay issues :o)

As for where to find you - it shouldn't be too hard. I'll ask around your Uni for the location of "Queer Steve"... ;o)

you fiendish git.

but my identity is slowly changing from queer steve. ever since they found out about zoe, they were a bit confused...

Don't forget about what I said!! (the present when you get back)

= D

you guys!!!

i miss you jen!

i wish i was there to hangout w/ ya'll!

don't do anything i wouldn't do!!

haha, you going no where! haha

Plastic surgery. Now.

No, don't use that as a model for the surgery : )

No, don't use that as a model for the surgery : )

If I were at home, I'd have my picture of you. Actually, I think I might do on my webspace, but I can't be bothered to find it....

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