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Oh yeah...
Along with all the food I've eaten (lots of new foods and stuff), there's also drinks... Iced tea, root beer, birch beer, ginger ale, and stuff... And yesterday, I shielded Jen from this barking dog, which wasn't likely to hurt her or anything, just with my phobia of dogs it kinda surprised me that my natural reaction was to put myself between the dog and her. Ha, when I come back, nobody is even going to recognise me, trust me :o)

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The ears will give you away.

Even moreso now that my hair is short - and especially when I wear a baseball cap backwards. Trust me - not a good look ;o)

I don't know you, but you are very cute. Also, you seem interseting... Yes, I am a dork..


do you want to die?


Exscuse me? Do I know you cunt? So mind your own buisness...

excuse me?

he is my business.

he's my boyfriend.


Okay cunt... I live in new york and couldn't give a shit about you stupid ass bich :P cunt

That's my girlfriend, so she is minding her business......

Okay! she is blowing this way out of proportion... Did I ask you go out with me? I don't even know you

god forbid i say you are cute... or wait this is a big one... seem interesting~

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