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Ho hum
Grr... Things... and stuff.... So anyway, not in the greatest of most happy happy joy joy moods.

Anyhow, so yeah, things with Jen are good. Well, I think so anyway :o) However, things right here kinda suck. We need to get away somewhere. But how to arrange that, and where to go... Hmm.....

Oh well... Anyway, so... *sigh*

The important thing to remember is that I'm fine though... Just everybody else who isn't :o)

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missing your music yet? :o)

you really are stuck in the middle of nowhere arnt you?

Kinda missing my music, but I have CDs with me - just no Vol 2... Plus, I have Jen's violin and keyboard stuff, so yay :o)

As for being in the middle of nowhere - I really really am... You have no idea :o)

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