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Hey kids...
Just got back from the July 4th fireworks at Lakemont park... All in all, very nice - certainly beats the Bonfire Night ones we used to get up at the school anyway...

So yeah, still alive... Honest :o)

Oh, and something that may reassure my parents - I've been *gasp* eating. Yes, that's right, I've actually been eating. Jen has been feeding me on Cheese Steak, Grilled Cheese, lots of fries, chips (American ones) and cheese... Um... Grapes, pretty much everything that she's made, I've had... I think they're planning to fatten me up, kill me, and then spit-roast me. Oh well, such is life.....

Anyhow, Jen is giggling kinda funny sat next to me right now... It's disturbing. Stop it. Stop it now. Please!!!!!! Thanks you. And thank you for correcting my superfluous "S". Grrr...


Running out of things to say... Just read my friends page back to when I last posted - that was a task and a half...

Ooh, a few things. David, I hope you're coping OK this week - halfway there now, so... Make the most of your time alone ;o)

Jude, sorry I've not mailed you, but I've been busy - it doesn't mean I've forgotten you, got that? :o)

Family, um, Hiya. Hope you're coping in my absence. I know it must be hard, but still... ;o)

Any random flatmates who might be reading this - piss off, I told you I don't want you bothering me on this. Except Ebs, he's allowed :o)

Dan, sorry I didn't get to go out drinking with you - the weekend was kinda hectic. I'll be back on August 3rd though, so we should arrange to meet up then - get Chris to come perhaps, if he's not too busy ;o)

Squiggy, TMA, Dirk etc., what the Hell has Chris done to my planet in PA? I got funny text messages from Alex about it... If Chas wants to steal my roids, then I'm gonna use the Lost Password function, get the new password, change it, then put my planet into Vacation mode for the rest of the round. He's not to get them :o)

Jen, if you read this, I like what you're doing right now. Keep doing that ;o)

Uh, yup, she just read it... Heh... Um, kids, don't worry - nothing dodgy. Just a wind-up.

Everybody else - um, heya... have fun and stuff.

Right, that's me done for the night... Later all :o)

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:0) this is a big grin....

super smashing groovy. Glad you are having fun. Took me a while to get up after the food eating shock, that IS something to sharre with your mother! later, take care Becca xxx

Have you read mum's email?

Well, have you?

As I said before, MAry didn't receive yours so you need to contact her. Sooner rather than later.

Have fun!

Re: Have you read mum's email?

Yes, I have read it, and I will contact Mary


Who is this Jen, mate? Does she know your big dark secret!?!

Grr... I wish I had my (tiny) array of IP tracing software so I could figure out which one of my bonehead friends you are (if any)...

(note: looks worryingly like something Jimbo would say...)

Re: bird

hhmmm, not Jimbo i'm afraid.

It sounded like either him or Phil Davies. Or somebody else. Take your pick...

Re: bird


Either you or Chris sent an attack out just before you left for America. Well, suffice it to say the target got excess defence and your fleet was eliminated. Totally.

I used the Lost Password facility to get in to my account. The gimp managed to lose all my taras and is still below the score I had when I left by a long way... Suffice it to say, I should not be happy with him. Then again - I don't give a shit :o)

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