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It's now less than 12 hours to go until I'm on that plane and on my way... LESS THAN 12 HOURS KIDS!!

Had a few panic attacks today, which people have very kindly put up with - thank you ever so much :o)

But now I'm just all bouncy and happy and excited and stuff. Also scared and nervous, but those particular feelings can't get at me right now, I feel too good.... Phoning Jen just as soon as I can to finalise plans and such.... Ahhhh.... This time tomorrow, I'll have already been with her for hours... :o)

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I'd probably be crapping myself if I was you.

Nevertheless, enjoy your time. :)

Well yeah, I'm rather scared, but there's a degree of unreal-ness to it... That helps to keep me mostly sane, just because I don't have to deal with the whole thing if I don't want to...

Of course, the suitcase full of my clothes in the living room is a rather real reminder ;o)

But it'll be great, so.. :o)

scared.....the flight is like 6 hours - you could easily have at least 12 beers on the plane for free....if yer extra nervous you could have some at heathrow. that would be neat eh?

Wait till you're on your plane

Then it'll start... :)

you should take some paxil for those panic attacks...

and have fun in america

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