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I need to be awake in 14 hours to go to America. This is the last afternoon I'll be spending in this country for quite some time... I shall miss everybody dreadfully - I'll not get much time to talk to people (although I hope to be able to mail a few of you, just because you're special)...

Anyhow, got to pack and stuff... Ugh... Becca should be coming over soon, which will be nice... Ho diddly hum and stuff :o)

More in a while...

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lucky you. enjoy the US (and try not to get in trouble with the police, like i did!) i am sure you'll have a good time.

Heh... I'll certainly try not to get into trouble with the police, but you know, when a guy has to do something, you have to just forget law enforcement agencies...

Be careful and take care of yourself and all that ... HAVE FUN, though.

I'll be thinking about you* ... *HUG*

*worrying like an idiot, of course

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