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My desk is still a mess (I mean really), my cupboard is only mostly sorted, and there's a couple of piles of things on the floor. But for the most part, I'm packed up. Right, now I'm off to bed - my dad will be waking up in under four hours to drive down here, so....

And Annie has gone now, or as good as - she's leaving in a few hours, and has gone to bed, and I'll not be awake in time to see her, so we've said our goodbyes. That's everybody bar Mice now... :o(

Oh well, not to worry, I'll see them all again someday. Time for bed... When I wake up tomorrow, it'll be just 48 hours until America. 48 hours!!

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Have fun in the land of Merkins : )

how long in total to tidy ure room?
just comparing student room messyness
mine took 9 solid hours

Took quite a few hours - was working for about 10 hours, not solidly, but still, 10 Arsing-Around hours is quite a lot to have still not finished...

Yes. I'm new to LiveJournal for those who care. I just might stay.

However, I have one thing to say to James.

Update the AA FAQ.

Re: Update the AA FAQ

It'd be cool if you did... :o)

Um, why are you telling me this, plus half my ICQ list?

Re: Update the AA FAQ

>It'd be cool if you did... :o)

Yeah. As if you trust me to do such a thing. I would if you gave me the job though.

>Um, why are you telling me this, plus half my >ICQ list?

It's my self-assigned job to tell you when it's time to update the FAQ.

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