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The stuff on the Offspring's Conspiracy of One CD rules... Karaoke versions of two of the songs, and the videos for the four singles from the last album.... Ah, 'tis great. I've just been sat here playing the bass for Why Don't You Get A Job (1 - 6 - 1 - 8 on the E string), while watching the video for it.... Many thanks to Azz for that...

So yeah, now I'm sat around listening to loud Offspring songs, drinking cola, and generally being happy that my difficult exams are over. Now I can relax, before the mammoth task of clearing out my room tomorrow. Should be, uh, interesting...

Update: Ugh, just thinking... tomorrow night will suck... Alex, Lollo, James, Claire, Vicky, Tolis, Joyce, Ebs, will all be gone. Dunno when Harry leaves, nor Mice... I think I'll have a big fry-up to cheer myself up.


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