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I might be saved. The lecturer suggested we read the 2000 past paper, since it was written by him, as will this one be. So I have. Every question (marked out of 20) awards at least (and typically) four marks for the first part, which is always "State what is meant by..."


That means an automatic 20% just for learning those definitions (many of which I already know). From there, I need only a further 10% to pass, which means another 10 marks on the paper. In theory, I can get that on the first question, which will be on inner products, and if need be, I can get further marks on either some change-of-basis matrices, or some EigenStuff...

And Luke and John have both decided they've failed already, and have spoken to the sub-dean, who has informed them that they can either resit in September, or repeat the year. It seems easy enough, I have some details on it, so I'm not stressing too much...

Just had a fun time phoning Chris in Australia.... Bastard answered the phone with "Hello, Adjective Army Headquarters", which somewhat threw me off.... I had to explain to him that my room is the AA HQ, and that he was mistaken. We then had a discussion about who the AA belongs to. Naturally, it is mine.

Anyhow, I had to cut it short because phoning Australia is expensive, and also because I started talking with his infernal accent. He'd not have noticed it, because I'd still have sounded British, but I'm telling you, I slip into accents too easily. Up in Manchester I was talking with a slight northern inflection in my voice way too often, in Hull I really started losing my accent, and in America I also took on a lot of that accent. With Australian accents, it seems to only take half a minute on the phone. Icky... :o(

But still, fun... then I tried to call Kit, but he hung up on me, the bitch.... So I have nobody to bother :o(

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A skinflint comments....

Just had a fun time phoning Chris in Australia - ????

.....because phoning Australia is expensive
- it is, isn't it.

Re: A skinflint comments....

Yes, it is expensive. But it's always fun to phone various people from my idiot army... In the past I've phoned America, Holland, .....

And it's only a quid or two...

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